Rad email and web addresses for rad dads

Dads aren’t just dudes who tell bad jokes. You could be a pet dad, a plant dad, or even a website dad. The definition of “dad” is pretty chill around here.

Three simple, rock-solid features


Works in harmony with your existing mailbox. Forward to anywhere, and send mail with SMTP access.


Subject:Son, we need to talk

Web Forwarding

Instantly route traffic sent to your domain or path to any URL with a single click.


mando.rad.dad grogu.baby
rad.dad/mando mandalorian.code


Take full control over your rad.dad domain and use it with services all over the internet.


yoda.rad.dad. 3600 IN TXT "Mastered DNS, I have!"

Plus: rad passkey authentication and world-class support from an actual human (and dad).

And a super fair price

rad.dad addresses are just $10 per year. That’s less than a buck a month for a truly rad email and web address.

Get your name

Or, buy a gift for a rad dad.